About Us

Okashi Connection is a subscription box for Japanese "okashi" (candy and snacks). Most people have tried or (or at least heard of) Pocky, ramune, and green tea Kit-Kats, but that's just scratching the surface of the immense amount of goodies Japan has to offer. We place an emphasis on getting the newest stuff out there, like limited edition items, brand new flavors of old favorites, or just altogether brand new items! 

So with the goal of sharing Japan's wide variety of candy and snacks with the rest of the world, Okashi Connection was founded in 2014! We're based in Chiba, Japan, which is right next to Tokyo.

The company is owned and run by Jennifer and Adam.

We're both originally from the US, but have been in Japan for a long time and are permanent residents here. While deeply connected to the life and culture of Japan, being non-Japanese makes it easy to know what snacks and candy people outside of Japan will find interesting and satisfying!

Okashi Connection is a small, sort of family-style business. We pride ourselves on being very close and friendly with our customers. You are not a faceless order number with us! We are eager to give everyone a good experience, so they can feel a connection to Japan like we do!

If you're interested in subscribing, but still have some questions, check out our FAQ, or send us a message directly! We'd love to hear from you :)

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